Plastic surgery is a considerable investment, but one that patients find is worth the cost. Financing options may be available to help you manage the cost of a procedure. If you have questions regarding payment options, call Charlottesville Plastic Surgery for details.

Financing Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Procedures

Several financing options may be available to help patients manage the cost of their procedures.

One of the most popular options to finance your procedure is a medical credit card such as CareCredit. These cards offer monthly payment plans, often with no annual fees and low or no interest so long as patients keep up with their agreed payment plan. These credit cards are intended to be used for medical expenses only. This means that once approved, you can also use them to finance medical expenses and even veterinary payments. Prior to your procedure, you can contact the medical credit card provider of your choice to see if you qualify and your plastic surgeon’s office to ensure they accept this form of payment.

PatientFi is another option available to patients of Charlottesville Plastic Surgery. Through PatientFi, patients can break their total cost into affordable monthly payments. PatientFi considers multiple factors beyond just your credit score to approve you for financing. Payment plans are available with 0% APR for many patients.

Finally, patients may make direct payments to Charlottesville Plastic Surgery in increments leading up to their surgery. If you are interested in paying for your surgery in installments, you may ask our staff about financing plans during a consultation.

Health Insurance Coverage for Plastic Surgery

A majority of plastic surgery procedures are considered cosmetic in nature alone. This means that they are not covered by health insurance plans. However, some procedures may be considered medically necessary and, in some cases, covered or partially covered by a health insurance plan. This can include:

Not all insurance plans will cover all of these procedures. Some may require evidence that other treatments were unsuccessful before covering the cost of your surgery. Before you schedule your appointment, review the details of your plan or contact your health insurance provider.


We also offer Aesthetisure. Aesthetisure is affordable insurance that assists patients of board-certified surgeons with the financial burden of unexpected complications from elective cosmetic surgery. Complications associated with elective cosmetic surgery are generally not covered by health insurance plans.

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