About CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting® is the most popular non-surgical body contouring treatment in the country. If you’re looking to permanently get rid of stubborn fat and enhance your natural contours, then CoolSculpting is for you! CoolSculpting uses a patented cooling process called cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells and flush them from the body. The result is a slimmer, more toned look to areas where you tend to carry fat.

CoolSculpting can reduce fat by as much as 25% in the following areas:

  • Stomach
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Chin
  • Bra fat

Who is a Candidate?

Virtually anyone can achieve great results with CoolSculpting. In order to get best results, you should be at or near your ideal weight and have healthy, active habits in place. CoolSculpting works best on pinchable areas of fat and should not be considered a weight loss procedure – instead, you can lose inches around the treatment area. During a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Willis, you can discuss your body contouring goals to determine whether CoolSculpting is right for you.

The CoolSculpting Treatment

CoolSculpting is performed right at our comfortable Charlottesville office in our plastic surgeon-owned and operated medspa. CoolSculpting does not require any anesthetic and you can relax with your favorite book or show during treatment. A molded applicator will be selected for your treatment area and applied. The advanced cooling energy will penetrate the skin and crystalize the underlying fat cells without damage to the surrounding tissues.

Most patients feel only a slight tugging or suctioning feeling during this part while the area numbs. Depending on your treatment area (or whether you opt for multiple treatment areas) CoolSculpting can take 1-2 hours. Once complete, the area will be massaged and you can return home.


More Reviews

Dr. Willis and Leah have been so great to me in my cosmetic surgery experience. They always answer my questions, they are so kind. I couldn’t see myself going to anyone else.

Dr. Willis and his staff couldn’t be more helpful and supportive. This has been the most pleasant experience and I am so pleased with the results and it’s only been a week. The staff at the surgery center as well was wonderful and put all my fears to rest. I highly recommend anyone who is thinking of a procedure Dr. Willis and his staff provide you with all the information you need. Wish I had done it sooner.

Dr. Willis and his staff were amazing! Very calm, clean and professional atmosphere. They were inviting and attentive. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I went in for a consultation and had my lip filler procedure in the same day. Quick and painless. The results are perfect. I highly recommend Dr.Willis and taking advantage of the referral program. 10/10!

Dr. Willis and his team are phenomenal! From their patient-centered care to their willingness to collaborate with other physicians my experience was a resounding success. I highly recommend having a conversation with them.


CoolSculpting does not require any recovery – that means you can return to your normal schedule right away. It’s normal to have some slight redness and sensitivity at your treatment area for the rest of the day and any numbness will come back within a few hours.

For best results, CoolSculpting requires a package of treatments of about 2-3 sessions, and our team will help you understand your unique schedule. You’ll begin to notice results at 6-8 weeks with full results emerging after 3-6 months. One of the greatest benefits of CoolSculpting is that the results are permanent when you maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

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