A lip lift can be used to improve the following:

  • Thin lips
  • Fine lines above the lips
  • Beautiful smile

What is a Lip Lift?

A lip lift is a simple, minimally invasive surgical technique to provide permanent, fuller, and youthful-looking upper lip. As patients age, the skin from the nose to the upper lip will stretch with the effects of gravity, thus covering the upper incisors. A surgical lip lift hides the scar in the recesses of the nostrils and elevates and protrudes the upper lip, thus giving it a fuller and more youthful appearance.

Who is a Candidate?

Adults of all ages can benefit from a lip lift. Younger people who have not achieved their desired look with dermal fillers, and older individuals who wish to reduce the space between their lips and nose can be good candidates. Plus, results are permanent, which can be a positive for those who do not wish to keep returning for filler appointments. To learn more about this procedure and if it’s right for you, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

The Lip Lift Procedure

The area between the nose and the top of the lip called the philtrum is shortened. The amount of pink tissue that is visible is also increased, which makes the lips appear fuller. It also increases how much of your upper central teeth show when your lips are at rest. This can be achieved through a number of different lip lift techniques.

Direct Lip Lift

A direct lip lift also called a gullwing lip lift, creates a more defined lip border. Dr. Willis will remove a thin strip of skin just above the upper lips, and the skin is pulled up. This creates the look of a more pronounced vermilion (the pink area of the lips).

Subnasal Bullhorn

This technique is common and involves an incision shaped like a bullhorn created along the base of the nose. The left, center, and right of the lip are pulled up toward the nose.

Central Lip Lift

A central lip lift shortens the space between the nose and lips through an incision at the lower nose. It is a similar technique to a subnasal bullhorn.

Corner Lip Lift

A corner lip lift is done by making two small incisions at both corners of the mouth, through which some sin is removed. This makes your lips look like they are slightly smiling, even when at rest, to achieve a more friendly appearance.


More Reviews

Nothing but praise for Charlottesville Plastic Surgery. Dr. Willis explained everything he needed to do clearly and his work was top-notch. When needed he made an immediate referral for me and explained exactly what I would expect from that. Great communication, efficient office.

My experience with Dr. Willis was amazing and I highly recommend him if you’re looking for a skilled plastic surgeon and beautiful results! His technique is flawless and my results are incredible! I feel so beautiful, confident, and comfortable in my own skin. Do yourself a favor and book a consultation with Dr.Willis!

I have had the best experience with Dr. Willis and Leah. I have had filler, Dysport, and I've been under the knife with Dr. Willis and I've been so happy with all of my results. I actually feel like a part of their family, I can call whenever I need anything and they both make me feel like they care about me and my results.

Dr. Willis and his staff were amazing! Very calm, clean and professional atmosphere. They were inviting and attentive. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I went in for a consultation and had my lip filler procedure in the same day. Quick and painless. The results are perfect. I highly recommend Dr.Willis and taking advantage of the referral program. 10/10!


Following surgery, swelling, redness, and bruising may occur. We advise that you avoid strenuous activity and exercise in the weeks following and be sur to clean your incisions following Dr. Willis’ recommendations. Keep your lips moisturized during healing and avoid sleeping on your face or opening your mouth widely for the best results.

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