Consider Scheduling Laser Treatments During the Winter Months

Most people think the clean, clear skies and warm weather of the summer and spring are the perfect time to schedule Laser treatments, but the winter months can prove more beneficial for a successful recovery from laser treatments. Laser treatments are sought out by patients looking to improve the way they look and feel with a minimally invasive skin treatment. Laser treatments can do just that and the cool air and overcast conditions of the winter months better aid in soothing post-treatment inflammation.

Reduced Inflammation and Swelling

Swelling and inflammation do not respond well to the heat of the summer, which can only further aggravate post-treatment skin. That is why the crisp and cold air of winter is so beneficial to those who choose to have a laser treatment done. Think of the air as an ice pack that soothes the skin that may be hot or inflamed from treatment. Aside from the air being more soothing, the winter months also encourage you to stay inside and limit your activity. By abstaining from a busy schedule immediately following treatment, you encourage your skin to heal much quicker.

Avoid Sunburn and Sun-Associated Damage

Waiting until the chilly months of the year for laser treatments means you will have less chance of incurring sun damage to the affected skin. The overcast conditions of winter allow you to avoid over exposure to the sunlight, while lower humidity levels aid in a speedy recovery from Laser treatments. The warmer months of the year can leave skin dry and irritated. Sun exposure and warm temperatures can dry the skin and cause blotchiness and swelling. The added moisture and cool winter air can help the skin remain hydrated and tight.

Making Time for Yourself

The summer months are a time of fun activities, such as swimming and hosting barbecues. It is not uncommon for us to spread ourselves a little thin trying to make the most of the warmer months, which can lead to stress, but stress does not promote a healing environment. Moving into the winter months, may force us to slow down and take a step back from being on the go all the time. This sudden accumulation of free time allows us more space to care for ourselves. Waiting until the winter months to have a laser treatments done leaves patients with more time to concentrate on their recovery and achieving their desired results. Patients have more time to rest and recuperate without the pressures of outdoor activities.

Less Expenses During the Winter Months

The summer is a notorious kickoff for wedding season. Many people choose to book aesthetic appointments around this time so they can look their best for their big days. It can sometimes be hard to find an appointment due to the increase in demand for laser treatments. Not to mention how much you have to spend to be a wedding guest, adding the cost of a laser treatment on top of that can be quite significant. Booking your appointment in the winter allows you to beat the rush of people making last minute appointments. It can also lower your expenses during the summer, when it seems like you never stop spending money.

Forever Young BBL in Charlottesville

Charlottesville Plastic Surgery offers incredible minimally invasive anti-aging procedures with the use of Forever Young BBL treatments. This innovative Broadband Light (BBL) treatment has the power to treat skin concerns both internally and externally by using broad spectrum and infrared light technology. The targeted light works to breakdown abnormalities like spots of pigmentation, uneven texture, and blemishes, restoring smoothness and evenness to your skin. A few treatments done over the course of the winter months means you’ll be glowing through the cold weather and ready to step out into spring with an already fresh and youthful face.

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