While there is technically no right age for a facelift, most people tend to get the procedure done when they hit their mid-forties, though, many people get facelifts in their 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s with great results. Many things play a role in determining when a facelift should take place like genes, how long your skin has been exposed to the sun, and your diet. How much skin elasticity there is to work with also plays a major role. Regardless, anyone who is interested in a facelift procedure should seek out the advice of a qualified professional, like the dedicated team we have at Charlottesville Plastic Surgery.

Many women feel their mid-30’s are a bit young to take advantage of facelifts. However, because candidacy is based on the individual’s situation rather than age, plenty of younger women could benefit from a facelift. For example, massive weight loss patients may have excessively loose skin at an younger age, compared to their counterparts. The goal of a standard facelift is to dramatically reverse the aging process, but with younger patients age reversal does not need to be so dramatic. As a result, younger women may opt to with go the standard facelift in favor of the mini facelift.

The mini facelift is most commonly recommended to younger patients. By design, this facelift is suited for individuals with mild excess skin, so younger patients who still have a high level of skin elasticity and minimal fine lines are ideal candidates. This method has smaller incision sites, thereby making it less invasive while maintaining the same stunning results.

On average, once an individual enters their 40’s, a standard facelift becomes a more viable option for better, longer-lasting results. This facelift treats deeper wrinkles and offers a greater age-reversal process. While slightly more invasive than the mini facelift, the dramatic results offered by a standard facelift are unmatched.

The standard facelift not only tightens and lifts your facial tissues, but goes a step further by removing excess skin. If you are a healthy adult with moderate lines or advanced aging, you may benefit from this procedure. However, understanding which type of facelift you need requires a scheduled consultation with one of the board certified plastic surgeons at Charlottesville Plastic Surgery.

Patients who are a bit older may notice more severe signs of aging as well as advanced wrinkles are the most common facelift patients. However, many opt for the standard facelift simply because they are not aware of alternatives. At Charlottesville Plastic Surgery, we make sure our patients are aware of all their options and often recommend the deep plane facelift and neck lift to patients seeking breathtaking results.

The deep plane facelift is the most intensive of the three procedures but offers the longest-lasting results. This facelift is more reconstructive, focused on repositioning fat pads and molding deep tissue to enhance the youthful appearance of the mid-face. As with any facelift, the result is beautiful tight skin. However, what makes this a great option for older patients is its ability to define the jaw and plumpen eye sockets for a warmer, younger appearance.

Why a Consultation Matters

At the end of the day, knowing which procedure you need is not as simple as knowing your age. Each individual skin is different, so is it important to get in contact with a board-certified surgeon with give you the most comprehensive knowledge and understanding.

Charlottesville Plastic Surgery is an experienced practice dedicated to serving the Charlottesville, Virginia area. If you are considering a facelift , necklift, deep-plane face & neck lift, or any other cosmetic procedure, schedule a consultation with one of our experienced plastic surgeons for the best results.

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