Do you have sunspots or pigmented spots on your skin that make you uncomfortable? Forever Young Broad Band Light laser treatment is the most powerful intense pulsed light device on the market and may help diminish unwanted pigmentation. Regardless of age or skin condition, the Forever Young BBL laser system has multiple wavelengths that can be customized for different treatments.

Exploring Forever Young BBL

Forever Young BBL uses broad-spectrum visible and infrared light, which heats the skin at the molecular level. The skin produces collagen that is responsible for skin firmness and texture– by heating the skin, this production process is fast-tracked. Below are five significant benefits of using this treatment method:

1. Treatment of Common Skin Concerns

Forever Young BBL uses multiple light wavelengths and can be used on various skin conditions and concerns such as pigmented areas, freckles, sun spots, or age spots. Even though it is used for skin concerns, Forever Young BBL does present as an effective prevention treatment– an individual with healthy skin can use this treatment to keep it glowing for more years.

2. Anti- Aging Benefits

Forever Young BBL targets skin cells during the treatment of skin imperfections and changes the gene expression that is responsible for the aging process. After regular treatment, patients who undergo Forever Young BBL treatment look about ten years younger.

3. Effective for All Ages and Body Areas

Since it is a non-invasive, non-irritating, and safe treatment method, there is no particular age that one must attain to start Forever Young BBL treatment. Forever Young BBL is not restricted to facial treatment; you can use it if you have cosmetic concerns on your legs, hands, or any other body area. Before beginning the treatment, all patients should consult with medical providers at Charlottesville Plastic Surgery to determine if health issues can limit them from undergoing Forever Young BBL treatment.

4. No Surgery

No surgeries or incisions are conducted during treatment, and a patient can immediately resume daily routine after a session– it is normal for a patient to experience a slight redness, but this will fade after some hours. The treatment is also quick, and patients can achieve desired results with fewer treatments than traditional IPL devices. Depending on the skin condition, a patient may need four to six sessions followed by an annual maintenance treatment.

5. Long Lasting Results

Patients who undergo Forever Young BBL treatment will have clear, smooth, and much younger skin for more than ten years after treatment. This is because the main aim of the treatment is to have a long-term skin rejuvenation, and an annual touch-up session keeps the skin glowing.

Schedule a Forever Young BBL Consultation at Charlottesville Plastic Surgery

There is no perfect time to start Forever Young BBL treatment: whether you are 20 or 70, you can get a customized treatment plan for your needs. If you are uncomfortable due to skin concerns, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Willis at Charlottesville Plastic Surgery. Schedule a consultation today through the online contact form to get started.

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