When considering breast augmentation, you might not realize how many options you may have in regards to implants. And when you do start diving into the research, it can seem overwhelming. These are a few tips to help you prepare for your breast augmentation consultation and determine which type of implant is best for you.

Breast Implant Options

Dr. Willis offers a variety of breast implants in Charlottesville. You can choose from saline, silicone, or gummy bear implants, depending on the look and feel you are hoping for. There are also two different shapes to choose from: round or teardrop. Round breast implants are either placed under or over the muscle and typically create more upper pole projection. Teardrop implants fit the natural contour of the breasts and create more fullness at the bottom of the breasts.

The final step is determining which size of implants you want, and these options are endless. However, it is important to know that bigger is not always better. Dr. Willis will consult with you to determine the best size and shaped breast implants for your body and cosmetic goals. 

How to Choose the Right Breast Implants

As you prepare for your breast augmentation, these are a few things that may help you decide on the type of implants you want:

Consider Your Lifestyle

Do you play sports and stay physically active? If so, larger breast implants may get in the way of your mobility and make activities like running or exercise more difficult. Another lifestyle factor to consider is the kind of clothes you wear. If you’ve often found that your dresses and tops require larger breasts to fit properly, you may want to consider larger implants. However, if you like to go braless or often wear clothes that cannot be worn with a bra, smaller implants may be the better choice.

Consider Your Body Shape

Are you petite with a slim frame or do you have broader shoulders and a curvy figure? Taking your body proportions into consideration is extremely important when determining the shape and size of your implants. While a medium-sized implant can create a dramatic difference for a petite woman, that same implant will barely create a noticeable difference for women with a larger frame.

Understand Volume vs. Cup Size

Breast implants come in cubic centimeters (cc), not cup sizes. It’s important to consider that cup sizes are not always the same for every brand. While you might wear a 34C from one store, you may need a 32D in another brand. A basic rule of thumb when picking out implant volume is a cup size change is approximately every 160-200ccs. In the United States, implants are available from 100-800ccs.

Understanding Projection

Breast implant projection is the height of the implant if it were to be placed flat on a table. Projection, although important, is typically determined by two factors. The base width of your breast (determined by the medial and lateral edge of your natural breast) if a fixed diameter. Dr. Willis will pick a implant that has the same diameter as your natural breast. The volume, is a variable that is typically picked out by the patient. The larger the volume, the more projection the implant will have. Implants come in a variety of projections, ranging from Low Profile to Extra High Profile.

Consult with a Plastic Surgeon

At Charlottesville Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Willis can discuss all your options in greater detail so that you can feel confident about your breast implant choice. You will also have the option to try on different implants to get an idea of what different sizes and shapes will look like on your body type. We also recommend viewing our gallery to see the results other women with your body type have had after breast augmentation.

Schedule a Consultation

Dr. Willis is a double-board-certified plastic surgeon dedicated to individualized patient care. Schedule a consultation today to discuss all your options for breast augmentation in Charlottesville and start planning for your body goals!

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